we deliver values out of connected data

we collect

we capture and collect geo-timed data, secure and encrypt it, render it privacy/owner-proof so as to make it applications-ready.

Privacy is not just a word but a a value : user has at any time ability to have a view of collected data and manage it. Deletion is made as easy as one click. We do not collect data to capture value but to deliver value to users.

we analyze and map

we developped through machine-learning a unique risk mapping layering based on real-time and historical data for accidentology, criminality and health.

By combining user’s data with this proprietary risk mapping we are able to deliver in-App Services

we prevent, protect and assist

1. we help users to understand their risk via alerting system and planning functions. Risk is reduced for both users and community.

2. We allow users to access on demand, usage based and contextualized protection solutions.

3. We automatically launch assistance protocols when risk arises to reduce burdens.

bring serenity to mobility through data

Prevention application

Serenity begins with prevention to allow identifying the potential risk you will face during your mobility journey.

We identify and map 3 types of major risks : accidentology, criminality and health.

Protection solutions

Risk prevention can help reduce risk but can’t erase it. It is why we build and offer on demand, usage based and contextualised proctection solutions.

User will pay only for its risk exposure with a fair price and innovative model such as peer-to-peer.  Fairness and solidarity as 2 mains principles.

Assistance services

Because when we suffer from an accident or get ill, time is of essence. It is why we provide real time and life saving assistance activated automatically.

A mobility risks management platform built on owner-proof connected data


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